Change My Last Name

I know I will probably step on some toes with this one. Let me first just say that this is not a post to man bash. Just follow me.

I know I don’t have children but I am always planning ahead, thinking about the future. I like to have thought provoking conversations often. I had a conversation with a guy I was dating. He already had a child. I always found it interesting that men insist on the child having the fathers last name, although he never married the child’s mother.

Anywho, back to his guy. We had a hypothetical conversation one day about us having a child and the child automatically receiving his last name. See, I am kind of opposed to that. Most times, the child lives primarily with the mother if the relationship doesn’t work. The mother is the one going to Drs appts, making and receiving calls, going to the school and is the emergency contact. I don’t know how other mom’s feel, but I don’t want to have 2-3 kids in my house with all different last names. Maybe it doesn’t bother some people. But if the relationship doesn’t work out, and I decide to have children with someone else, then the new guy also feels entitled for my child to have his last name. No sir. This is too complicated for me. So it’s ok for the guy to have all his children having the same last name even if he isn’t the primary parent? It’s actually a conversation that I have with men who I am serious about. I set the standard and let them know that if you want your child to have the same last name as you, then you very well better make sure his/her mother carries that same last name. So it’s on you… partna.

Ooo I’m shaking the table. Leave your comments below 😉

7 thoughts on “Change My Last Name

  1. I agree with your thinking so no feathers ruffled here. 🙂 However I’m part of the “no wedding no womb” way of thinking . And in my corner of the world, married women keep their name (unless they want to pay to get it changed) and lots of kids have their names hyphenated.

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  2. I have children that has their fathers last name and we are not married yet. I’ve never thought it was a big deal on whose last name they carried until I got a little older and realized I cant be having all these children’s with different last names 😂😂😂 (but I only have the 2)

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  3. Outraged!! Girl, I am not! What a great perspective! I did not change my name after marriage but/and my child has her fathers last name. I’m ok with it since we are married but I’d love for her to hold my last name- after all I’m holding on to it!!

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