Lord, if I’m a Baby Sitter.. just say that!

Most of my friends dont have children. Intentionally. We were beyond focused on education and careers. Well in this dating world, it has become increasingly hard to find a man without children. We all share the same sentiments that we prefer men without children. We are all between the ages of 29-33. I know I know. At this age, most people have children or at least one child. There are some specific reasons why we prefer men without children. Let’s list them!

  1. Get ya Girl!! Of course the drama with the mother. That goes without saying. Unfortunately, sometimes I get it. I dont know what its like to have a child by someone, but I can imagine the deep connection and love you may always feel for the person you created life with. Especially if the child was made out of love. Be sure that she’s going to try at least once to get her family back.
  2. Pencil me in! The time commitment to be a parent is a lot. It takes a lot of maneuvering of schedules and dedication to find time to date a parent. This takes patience. Spontaneous dates may not happen often.
  3. Most men of our generation are good fathers. I’ve also seen some over compensate or cater to the mother. Let me gives examples. Some men may pay a good portion of the mothers rent. I had this guy tell me that his childs mother car was broken so he gave her his and bought a new one for him. I dont have time for any of this non sense. Which brings me to my next point.
  4. The money that will leave our darn household. Man, kids cost a grip. If we were to end up married then I have to mentally subtract that from your earnings. I could go on and on about this particular topic but Ill move on.
  5. This isn’t new for you 😒. Its something real special about sharing the first moment of having your first child together. I always wanted that moment to be with my husband. Nope that will not happen with someone who already has children.
  6. Know it all! On a funny note, my friend said she anticipants the guy acting like he already knows everything and telling her what to do when she gets pregnant because he thinks hes a pro LOL.
  7. And dont think you are going away for the holidays. TUH! Nah bruh. They split most holidays. This can most definitely be frustrating.
  8. Do you even like kids? Clearly that’s a hard stop because now I can’t even date you if I don’t even like kids. You already come with the full package.
  9. They are tired. And often. Kids are draining. So this requires patience. So you mean to tell me you were sleep at 10p on a Friday night?! Yup. They probably were. *eye roll*
  10. Finally! The constant communication with the mom. Chileee this is a big one. Like what could y’all possibly have to talk about now. This can breed feelings of insecurity. I don’t like none of it.

Let me know what you guys think! Have you experienced any of these? Comment below.


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