Fight for this relationship

My emotions are hot off the press! For my Insecure fans, how are your emotions holding up after episode 9? My friend group is pretty much split between #TeamNathan and #TeamLawrence. I dont have to recap the episode because you know what happened. One of my friends said shes #TeamNathan because there is too much baggage that comes with going back to Lawrence. True and I dont disagree. I made a point to another friend that Issa cheated on Lawrence but she rebutted and said that shouldn’t be a death sentence. I also agree with that as well. Now my other friend and I are in favor of her choosing Lawrence. Here’s why, to us, Issa doesn’t fully seem care free and happy with Nathan. He seems like second string. Could be the “safe” option. When Lawrence asked Issa was she happy, thats what stood out to me.

Contrarily, many women feel like Lawrence is too little too late. They feel like he had a year to win Issa back after the baby was born. He also didnt think about fighting for Issa until Chad said something. True. But I ask all the time, do men tell their friends to go fight for a relationship when they have a good woman? This is an example of that. I hear people say all the time, if you want it, fight for it. This brings me to my final point.

I asked my guy friend why dont men fight for relationships. He literally said to me because women want men to fight for the relationship how they see fit. He said the fight a man puts in is never good enough. He added that women want men to show up with flowers, bags and gifts to fight. Some men will do that but in my experience, most will not. But what about putting his pride to the side and verbally telling her I’m not happy when I’m not with you (in front of everyone I might add). He said men are full of pride so for a man to put his pride to the side takes a lot. I think he made an interesting point. Tell me what you think?


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