Please Don’t Terminate this Pregnancy

My new favorite podcast to watch or listen to is “Know For Sure” with B Simone and her best friend Megan. I get exhausted with the constant relationship talk so this podcast is a good break. In one episode, B Simone and Megan get really deep.

They begin to recount how B Simone decided to terminate her pregnancy. B Simone vividly recalls the people outside, her emotions and the noises. She says there was an intense moment where she tells Megan to just look at her and don’t take her eyes off of her.

As Megan tells her perspective, she reveals that she never agreed with her best friend for terminating the pregnancy. She discusses how judgmental she felt but had to put her feelings to the side.

Here is what I’ve been learning as I get older. We are now in place where making permanent decisions like these will for sure alter the trajectory of our lives. Personally, it’s always such an internal battle to watch a close friend make a life altering decision if I strongly disagree with it. As I watched the segment, I admired Megan’s support although in disagreement. Megan said she didn’t give her opinion because her mind was made up. There wasn’t any room to convince her.

I thought that was very profound and a good take away. Support your friends when their mind is made up without giving your unsolicited opinion.

How do you handle supporting your friends when you don’t agree with their decisions?


One thought on “Please Don’t Terminate this Pregnancy

  1. Me personally I might not agree with my friends decisions all the time but I try to support them unless it’s something bizarre like suicide or something crazy like that🥴 but most of the time people just want a good ear to listen and a system that’s gonna support they decision, I’m a firm believer that the only way to learn in life is to live! So if a person believe that the decision they making is best for them who am I to tell them different!?! Last thing I want my folks to think Im better than them or have all the answers because I don’t and we here to learn off each other


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